Quotes and observations

This space is reserved for interesting quotes and observations that tangentially relate to the theme being discussed.

Author, title and date

Name of author, article or book title and the year of publication are provided in this space.  Full bibliographical details can be found on the Reading List.

Book Club

Literature review

Our intent in this section is to provide a foundation for our search for ideas.  We also aim to create a bridge between the anecdotes and stories, both ours and in the popular literature, and academic research that many of us may not have an opportunity to sample directly.  

The organization follows that of our themes.  But each theme is standalone and browsing through the Book Club is a perfectly viable alternative. 

‚ÄčAs for the structure of the reviews, the academic apparatus has been kept to a minimum.  At times, when an article we are reviewing touches upon more than one of our themes, we may be selective about which portion of the article we review under any particular theme.  Equally, we may refer to the same article more than once.  For ease of reference, in each theme the sources are identified in the light-orange text boxes top left.  Bibliographical details are shown below, in the Reading List. 

Our thematic commentaries should be considered as book reviews rather than independent essays. The insights we provide are meant to reflect those in the articles and books under review.  Misrepresentations,
if any, are ours and will be corrected when uncovered.

This is a personal selection of articles and books.  With time, we may expand this section, particularly if we find new sources of insight.

How to navigate through the Book Club

  • Click on the buttons below to go directly to the literature review for each of the themes.
  • You can also access literature reviews from the Themes tab.
  • If you are on the Ideas tab and then drill into a specific idea, you will find references to relevant themes and the literature reviews as well.
  • Items in the Reading List are also cross-referenced with the themes in which they appear.


We suggest reading the main text first, and then the quotes and observations.

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