How to navigate through the ideas


Brainstorm to create a "menu" of practical organizational ideas

Create a forum to share ideas for organizational solutions

Establish co-heads of key business units


 Structure parental leave as a career opportunity

Leverage the flexibility that you already have


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Our ideas are original contributions from participants in Gender Incorporated. ​​Click on the buttons to be directed to a story behind each idea.  ​From there, you can also dig deeper into the relevant portion of our thematic literature review.  A summary of our themes is directly accessible by clicking on the Themes tab.  Click on the Book Club tab to go directly to a more detailed literature review by theme.

​There is no generic woman, each situation is different and complex in its own way. The hurdle for a solution is that individuals, whether leaders or employees, must be able to take the idea and give it a try within the current organizational context – in other words, it must be doable without too much fuss.

A forum of “regular people”, practitioners in their professions, so that they can share their ideas of organizational solutions that work.  Because many little steps generate critical mass.

Could the pipeline of women with C-suite experience grow bigger if companies institutionalized the concept of co-heads for key business units at various levels, with a woman and a man sharing the post?

Would women find it easier to regroup after maternity leave if the leave were not stigmatized as a detrimental career break but instead was structured by default as an opportunity to come back in an organized fashion to a new challenge? Would this encourage fathers to embrace parental leave as a norm rather than exception?

​Is it not possible that even the current design of work flow is more flexible than we think?  What if managers asked their staff, both women and men, to re-write their own job descriptions, and performance metrics, to incorporate the element of flexibility they would wish to have?

​Now it's your turn.